Posted by JH on Apr 29th 2019

Why am I in the field of gospel music?

Because I believe God wants us to use any and all abilities we may have, to let people know these truths:

  • 1-God created us in HIS holy image
  • 2-God loves us above all creatures and loves us with a greatness beyond our human measure or understanding (unconditional) and from this love he has given us a free will to choose our life path
  • 3-He wants us to repent and ask for forgiveness for our wicked ways, sin and accept that a physical, spiritual and literal sacrifice was already made for us 2000 years ago (the debt was paid by the brutal death on the cross of a sinless Jesus who after 3 days was resurrected to life before ascending to heaven) because we are not worthy on our own accord, nor can we repay the debt through our riches, talents, good works, or any other means except through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior – our re-birth is through faith and faith alone.  Baptism is our ritual cleansing to show this public profession of faith and new life
  • 4-God wants us to trust him for everything and be abundantly fulfilled and blessed by sharing his word (the good news) - the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (the Savior) with others by testifying and witnessing
  • 5-He wants a personal day to day relationship with us through His resurrected son and Lord, Jesus Christ, because we are His children.  He listens and hears our prayers
  • 6-He wants heaven to be our forever home with HIM – where there is no sickness, no pain, no heartache, no death – just amazing abundant blessings, peace and joy in worshiping God for eternity

He wants to mobilize us to engage with lost people to let them know, Jesus loves them so much and will meet them right where they are; no matter what they've done or who they are.

Because we are born into a sinful nature, none of us are good enough on our own merit to be saved, but because we come from the linage of the highest royal Godly blood he reserves for us a place in his Kingdom through his amazing grace through the sacrifice of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

So friends, my voice - through gospel music - whether singing, songwriting or public speaking, is simply my vessel to share these truths and my testimony of faith.

Blessings & Faith my friends!

Find your joy in the journey with Jesus!