Posted by JH on Apr 29th 2019

Why am I in the field of gospel music?

Because I believe God wants us to use any and all abilities we may have, to let people know these truths: 1-God created us in HIS holy image 2-God loves us above all creatures and loves us with …

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Posted by JH on Jul 16th 2018

I Need To Make A Stand

TAKE ME IN YOUR HANDI've sometimes pushed you asideNot asking you to guide me - whoaBut I’ve come with you to stayWithin my heart I prayI need to make a standAnd give myself to your planThat’s some …

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Posted by JH on Apr 19th 2018

Sometimes It Takes Silence

April 18, 2018One year ago today, my Dad passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. It was a sad time but somehow also sweet to imagine his spirit being released to heaven. Dad stayed stro …

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Posted by JH on Feb 20th 2018

Tame the Tongue

Tame the tongue – the message from Pastor Hank on Sunday was SO powerful, I wanted to share on my blog.In the book of James, he describes the unparalleled weaponry of the human tongue. He made thes …

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Posted by JH on Dec 25th 2017

Merry Christmas - the Great I AM

We wanted to share the words from our favorite Christmas song with you today (Mary, did you know?)Blessings and Tidings of great JOY, celebrate the Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, H …

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Posted by JH on Dec 7th 2017

Is this a Happy and Sad time of year?

Hello friends,How many love this time of year? I do. But, how many people feel lonely or sad due to personal circumstances? Perhaps, it is due to financial stress or family dynamics. Some people …

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