Joy Prayer Team

Joy in the Journey with JESUS - PRAYER TEAM (to add to our prayer list email us at


  • Family of Martha P. Boiling Springs, SC - deepest sympathy & surviving husband with Alzheimers
  • Teresa C. - Newberry, SC  - multiple health issues/moved from ICU to rehab 
  • Nichole M. - Boiling Springs, SC - chemo treatments & healing
  • Mark H. - Ada, Okla - health issues/moved from ICU to rehab
  • Cedar Spring Church Israel Trip - Spartanburg, SC - saftey, health & renewal
  • Shana  - calm and confidence to pass major exam on March 2nd
  • Lisa - peace and for her son to find his way back from the bondage of addiction 
  • CM - for peace, calm, emotional balance and happiness
  • Andrew - peace and answers from autistic testing - contiune to seek God's direction for ministry
  • Joy Holden ministries to reach and help people - keep us strong, balanced and place us where we need to be at the right time

The devil will not  steal our joy - in Jesus HOLY and SOVEREIGN Name.