Joy Prayer Team

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APRIL NEEDS 2020 (April 27th with a heavy heart)

  • A global pandemic.  Saftey and protection from Covid-19.  Prayers for our country, president, churches, businesses, our world, our global economy, our jobs - but primarily for the well being of people and those on the front lines.  May the lost find Christ through this crisis.  Prayers for proper vaccines, healing aids and cures. Prayers and strength for those who have lost loved ones due this brutal epidemic. 
  • Nichole - Thank you fans,friends, radio for the prayers and private messages for my family as my neice,Nichole sucummbed to cancer on March 4, 2020.  She was a brave independent warrior fighter!  Please keep the prayers coming; as the Coronavirus was an immdeiate distraction.  She was a Christain since age 11,and loved life, her family and best friends.  She was an extremely positive person and a beautiful person inside and out.  She will be missed but is in the land of the living: healthy, happy, healed and overjoyed!  This has been very hard - but she is no longer in pain or suffering.  She was able to have an amazing public funeral; right before the Corona virus pandemic complety blew up, and we began soon after to learn words like social distancing.  Thank you Lord.  Also, the Lord allowed her to walk down the aisle and marry her sweetheart, Vaughn of 10 years on Feb.1.  Blessings and timing. God thank you for orchestrating two key milestones in her life with the right timing.  
  • My cousin Karen - (RN in Atlanta) positive with Covid-19; has recovered, not fully but well on the way,  Praise Jesus.
  • Melanie Garrett - doing well recovering from Covid-19.
  • Harold Brock - a miraculous Covid healing - on a vent for several days.  God intervened!
  • My cousin Vicki in liver failure (not a good prognosis) needs prayers and comfort, a miracle to survive.
  • Nichole's mother Alesa, my sister-in-law had a massive heart attack on Februray 18th; she's recovering well, and was able to be at the funeral. She was recovering from a rotator cuff surgery at the time of the heart attack - again God's timing.  We can imagine if this would have happened after Nichole passed away - she may not have survived. Hardships no doubt.
  • Joy's Mom
  • Jim - Susan B's dad
  • Sanford - Lori's dad
  • Kenny - Susan T's dad
  • Nashville - tornado victims and beyond.
  • Tornado sightings on April 25th, in my area of SC, - high winds, hard hail, and tornados - me, Harper aged 2, Morgan 23 and my dog, Bailey enjoyed the saftey of a walk in closet.  The 2 year old ate my snacks, including a fake apple, and my dog, Bailey ate Harper's snacks. Fun in the storm! Sweet memories.  Thank you God for your safe provision.
  • New babies being born - praise reports Lane.


JANUARY 2020 Needs

  • Nichole - pain relief, happy days and enjoyment of life, amazing miraculous healing; for her friends and family as we walk the next journey of cancer with her and hospice care.
  • Mark - healing for his health journey/Marsha and family
  • Diane - complete healing and comfort
  • Sanford - brain healing
  • Kim - father in law passing
  • Jim - no sickness and comfort at home
  • Rachel's Mom - surgery
  • Alice - her sweet son to find his way
  • Dawn - her cancer battle
  • Dottie - knee surgery
  • Joy's 2020 recording project to reach and encourage those that need to hear and see his amazing grace
  • 2020 God's direction over our ministry, next steps of faith
  • Mama
  • Shana & Lisa



  • Lisa - shoulder pain and upcoming rotator cuff surgery Oct. 10th (2nd shoulder also in pain) - healing and peace
  • Joy's neice, Nichole - cancer surgery - healing/abscess
  • Joy's sister in law, Alesa, - neck surgery
  • Joy's sister in law, Jane - knee surgery
  • For open hearts to find what Jesus is all about 
  • Travel and God's hand and complete guidance over events at NQC
  • Pray for discernment to find the right Road Crew 
  • Jimmy (Fred)
  • Kim's Dad, Glen


  • Nichole Holden Mann - cancer journey, extensive surgery complete healing
  • Scott Bennett - illness
  • Lisa's mom - illness
  • O'Sullivan family - new baby with rare disease NKH (2nd child in family to have this)
  • Our ministry to follow God's ways (help us to discern next steps to take to next level)


JULY Needs

  • Scott Bennett (health - 3 hospitalizations) - Amy strength and courage
  • LP kids & arm pain
  • Shana/Logan - mission trip to Alaska
  • Lori's transition from Africa
  • Mama
  • S & C marriage
  • JH Ministries to find the right partners for Road Manager, Sound Engineer and other roles
  • Direction and reach for JH Ministries
  • Happy Birthday in heaven Daddy July 27th!


JUNE Needs


  • Family of Scott Marlowe 
  • Family of Betty Wolfe
  • Family of Ken Cannon
  • Family of Wayne & Martha Pugh
  • Sandra J.  - healing from accident
  • Mom
  • LP's son
  • JH Ministries for opportunities to reach the lost & hurting
  • Happy Dance thankful for God allowing Under Water to chart #67 our first Top 80
  • LP


MAY Needs

  • Ken Patterson (Patterson Promotions) - heart attack please pray for complete healing
  • Storm victims in MO
  • UNC (Charlotte) shooting victims and families
  • Gift of Grain safe distribution - Mali
  • Julia D and Teresa D of Liberty Baptist Church - illness (prayers for no pain and complete healing for this family)
  • Drake Rayden - research and healing
  • Nichole for no pain and complete healing (chemo treatment success)
  • Debbie C for healing and spirits lifted up
  • Mom 

APR Needs

  • 4/19/19 - Deepest Sympathy, prayers and love to the family of Paitie Bagwell (may she rest in peace and in the fullness of a perfect body and mind in heaven) - prayers for her husband Jim to have a quick recovery who is in the hospital with health issues.
  • Lisa H. 
  • Marriage issues - name withheld
  • Severe Depression and for an open heart and conviction to know the Lord - name withheld
  • Family of Scotty Hawkins - sympathy for sudden loss
  • Dawn S. - New cancer treatments
  • Job loss - 4 people - names withheld
  • Aging Parents memory loss - 4 different requests, J., S., S., L.
  • Scott - sickness - for quick healing

FEB & MAR Needs

  • Family of Martha P. Boiling Springs, SC - deepest sympathy & surviving husband with Alzheimers
  • Teresa C. - Newberry, SC  - multiple health issues/moved from ICU to rehab 
  • Nichole M. - Boiling Springs, SC - chemo treatments & healing
  • Mark H. - Ada, Okla - health issues/moved from ICU to rehab
  • Cedar Spring Church Israel Trip - Spartanburg, SC - saftey, health & renewal
  • Shana  - calm and confidence to pass major exam on March 2nd
  • Lisa - peace and for her son to find his way back from the bondage of addiction 
  • CM - for peace, calm, emotional balance and happiness
  • Andrew - peace and answers from autistic testing - contiune to seek God's direction for ministry
  • Joy Holden ministries to reach and help people - keep us strong, balanced and place us where we need to be at the right time

The devil will not  steal our joy - in Jesus HOLY and SOVEREIGN Name.