Joy Prayer Team

Joy in the Journey with JESUS - PRAYER TEAM (to add to our prayer list email us at

JANUARY 2020 Needs

  • Nichole - pain relief, happy days and enjoyment of life, amazing miraculous healing; for her friends and family as we walk the next journey of cancer with her and hospice care.
  • Mark - healing for his health journey/Marsha and family
  • Diane - complete healing and comfort
  • Sanford - brain healing
  • Kim - father in law passing
  • Jim - no sickness and comfort at home
  • Rachel's Mom - surgery
  • Alice - her sweet son to find his way
  • Dawn - her cancer battle
  • Dottie - knee surgery
  • Joy's 2020 recording project to reach and encourage those that need to hear and see his amazing grace
  • 2020 God's direction over our ministry, next steps of faith
  • Mama
  • Shana & Lisa



  • Lisa - shoulder pain and upcoming rotator cuff surgery Oct. 10th (2nd shoulder also in pain) - healing and peace
  • Joy's neice, Nichole - cancer surgery - healing/abscess
  • Joy's sister in law, Alesa, - neck surgery
  • Joy's sister in law, Jane - knee surgery
  • For open hearts to find what Jesus is all about 
  • Travel and God's hand and complete guidance over events at NQC
  • Pray for discernment to find the right Road Crew 
  • Jimmy (Fred)
  • Kim's Dad, Glen


  • Nichole Holden Mann - cancer journey, extensive surgery complete healing
  • Scott Bennett - illness
  • Lisa's mom - illness
  • O'Sullivan family - new baby with rare disease NKH (2nd child in family to have this)
  • Our ministry to follow God's ways (help us to discern next steps to take to next level)


JULY Needs

  • Scott Bennett (health - 3 hospitalizations) - Amy strength and courage
  • LP kids & arm pain
  • Shana/Logan - mission trip to Alaska
  • Lori's transition from Africa
  • Mama
  • S & C marriage
  • JH Ministries to find the right partners for Road Manager, Sound Engineer and other roles
  • Direction and reach for JH Ministries
  • Happy Birthday in heaven Daddy July 27th!


JUNE Needs


  • Family of Scott Marlowe 
  • Family of Betty Wolfe
  • Family of Ken Cannon
  • Family of Wayne & Martha Pugh
  • Sandra J.  - healing from accident
  • Mom
  • LP's son
  • JH Ministries for opportunities to reach the lost & hurting
  • Happy Dance thankful for God allowing Under Water to chart #67 our first Top 80
  • LP


MAY Needs

  • Ken Patterson (Patterson Promotions) - heart attack please pray for complete healing
  • Storm victims in MO
  • UNC (Charlotte) shooting victims and families
  • Gift of Grain safe distribution - Mali
  • Julia D and Teresa D of Liberty Baptist Church - illness (prayers for no pain and complete healing for this family)
  • Drake Rayden - research and healing
  • Nichole for no pain and complete healing (chemo treatment success)
  • Debbie C for healing and spirits lifted up
  • Mom 

APR Needs

  • 4/19/19 - Deepest Sympathy, prayers and love to the family of Paitie Bagwell (may she rest in peace and in the fullness of a perfect body and mind in heaven) - prayers for her husband Jim to have a quick recovery who is in the hospital with health issues.
  • Lisa H. 
  • Marriage issues - name withheld
  • Severe Depression and for an open heart and conviction to know the Lord - name withheld
  • Family of Scotty Hawkins - sympathy for sudden loss
  • Dawn S. - New cancer treatments
  • Job loss - 4 people - names withheld
  • Aging Parents memory loss - 4 different requests, J., S., S., L.
  • Scott - sickness - for quick healing

FEB & MAR Needs

  • Family of Martha P. Boiling Springs, SC - deepest sympathy & surviving husband with Alzheimers
  • Teresa C. - Newberry, SC  - multiple health issues/moved from ICU to rehab 
  • Nichole M. - Boiling Springs, SC - chemo treatments & healing
  • Mark H. - Ada, Okla - health issues/moved from ICU to rehab
  • Cedar Spring Church Israel Trip - Spartanburg, SC - saftey, health & renewal
  • Shana  - calm and confidence to pass major exam on March 2nd
  • Lisa - peace and for her son to find his way back from the bondage of addiction 
  • CM - for peace, calm, emotional balance and happiness
  • Andrew - peace and answers from autistic testing - contiune to seek God's direction for ministry
  • Joy Holden ministries to reach and help people - keep us strong, balanced and place us where we need to be at the right time

The devil will not  steal our joy - in Jesus HOLY and SOVEREIGN Name.