Posted by JH on Feb 20th 2018

Tame the Tongue

Tame the tongue – the message from Pastor Hank on Sunday was SO powerful, I wanted to share on my blog.

In the book of James, he describes the unparalleled weaponry of the human tongue. He made these comments which were so spot on! On social media some of the most hurtful and judgmental comments are coming from “Christians.” He is right. Often, spewing prejudice, hate, judgment without even being aware. They are simply thinking they are promoting God (telling it like it is). Ironically, I see it daily on FB and I am shocked. Just a little spark of that critical negativity and doubt - can cause a catastrophe fire.

Be sure your agenda as Christians is love, humbleness and acceptance to reach out to people so they understand Gods powerful love, and the gift of grace, mercy, healing and forgiveness. Satan is the father of all lies and if he can manipulate Christians to say critical judgmental mean things in person or on social media, well he loves that. Because he knows that would make a non-Christian never want to open the door to listening to the gospel. Because we prove daily by our tongue (posts) that we are hypocrites. This also causes Christians to stumble and it can start subtly with gossip (which is also evil comparable to murder the bible says).

Now most of the FB posts seem to be coming from a political rant which some think equals Christianity and it doesn’t. This is not a judgment about morals, integrity and right and wrong. But guys let’s get people to the kingdom instead of running them off before they ever enter the door. Let me say that again because it is important. Let’s get people to the kingdom instead of running them off before they knock on the door.

I believe our time left on earth is fairly short. We are seeing global events take place that we have read about in Revelation. Accountability folks – tame the tongue and as your Mama & Daddy would say, if you can’t say anything nice – say nothing at all. The book of James is clear sometimes the more we “wrongly” say the more of an idiot we become and can start these spiritual fires for Satan. We should just say we love you and leave it at that. I am as equally guilty as anyone of needing to control my tongue too and the words I say. I pray this year for us all to have a revival over our words. I hope you will pray that for me as well.  Blessings.